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USNF and DOS problems

Dear MiGMan,

My name is Marc and I am a HUGE fan of US Navy Fighters. I am having difficulties running my copy of USNF. Please Keep Reading! i have contacted Electronic Art's Technical Support and they have no record of the game (Funny That).

If you could offer me some advice, or direct me to someone who can I would greatly appreciate it. My problem is that when I start USNF, I get to the prompt for Video Mode, soundcard etc., Then it goes black, and nothing happens.

Occasionly i get a message saying "cannot find USNF CD, please insert into your CD-ROM" - "Continue" - "Cancel", but my CD IS in the drive and it IS reading it. This is rather confusing for me. PLEASE HELP ME?

Sincerely, Marc.

P.S. I really liked your Site, keep up the good work! Thanx For Reading This E-Mail.
My reply to Marc was:

"Hi Marc,

There are many reasons that could cause your problem.

First - try and reinstall the game. Then make sure you have the latest drivers for your soundcard and graphcs cards. Beyond that I can't help you unfortunately. One way to vastly simplify your life would be to get Fighters Anthology - which contains USNF converted to run under Windows.

DOS sims are diffcult to run at the best of times - one day I hope to write a guide but it won't be in the near future."

Marc replied a day later:

"Hey MiGMan,

Thank you for your help, I was not expecting your reply, and to my surprise, you hit the nail on the head.

After installing new drivers for my sound and video, and re-tweaking my 3D accelerator, IT'S WORKING!! THANKYOU SO MUCH! I had no idea it was so simple.

Thanx again, Marc."