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31st October, 2001

"Just to say a Thank You for the great work you do MiGMan. The museum is a trip down memory lane for us old dogs and a joy every visit. Special thanks too for the EXCELLENT Saitek pages. You obviously put a lot of work into them and it's a credit to you."


Recruitment Officer
185th Reservoir Dogs
Website : http://185th.co.uk
"Yep, I would also say Thanx to MigMan. I remember my first Sim was Sub Logic Jet and I thought it was the $hit running on my high tech 10MHz XT Clone's amber monitor. Look where we are now.

I do miss what I call the "Flight Sim Renaissance though. Remember when Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998), European Air War, World War 2 Fighters, Longbow 2, F-15 by Janes Combat Simulations were all still new games. That was an excellent year for Sims and I hardly had enough spare cash to buy them all :   0

At least now I can occasionally go back and buy an older one that I do not yet own like RB3D etc. Just wish the damn newer OSs would support these games properly.