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22nd November, 2001

"I ventured to MiGmans site to look for an old game i use to play on the Amiga F/A-18 Interceptor and i looked at the date it was released.

That's when i thought (set the scene: Comic Book guy from Simpsons just when the bomb is about to hit him)...

"i have wasted my life".

No, i am only kidding i don't regret any of my simming but when i look back, i was starting college (90) and i got my first amiga 500 ( half meg ram ) and this was the game that started me off (Wingstoo). The final mission chasing cruise missiles the submarine type aircraft carriers, all great fun. The dial card protection system or was that some other game, forgot already.

And from there a series of games that may not have been great in there field but were truly seminal to me.

Falcon 3.0with its manual that you could kill a man with. (for FPS types Robocop with its dongle protection and different types of gameplay).

If there was one game you could point out and say "now that was a great game" i would have to say F/A-18 Interceptor was the one for me.