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22nd November, 2001

"LOL. Same for me too. I graduated high school in 1990, went to college and my dad bought me an Amiga 500.

I spent some hard earned money on the Hard Disk/memory expansion device and spent $220 on a 80MB (yes, MB, not GB) hard drive and another $150 for an addtional 2MB of RAM for a whopping 2.5 MB RAM.

I was stylin', and the envy of all the computer nerds at the time. My games included some basketball game, Civilization, and a space fight/strategy game that I forget the name of. I belive I did have Falconthough, but didn't take the time to read the manual to properly play it, and some other Jet Fighter sim that I can't remember either (sheesh, I AM getting old). Must've been like Jetfighter IIor something.

Sad to say, my flight sim passion didn't really start until I got a PC in '94 after College and my first game purchase was Jane's US Navy Fightersfor DOS, on my new Pentium 60 with 4MB RAM and an S3 Virge chipset with a 650MB HD....

Oh, reminiscing. And yes, thanks to MiGMan for making me feel old as well.

I'm almost 30, but still addicted. That's either good or bad... I guess take it any way you can!

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