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New PC keeps locking up

Gidday migman

You may or may not remember me - I'm the old geriatric who fronted you after your talk at the Sydney flightsim expo and sought your advice about a video card for my new computer that I was planning at that time..

Fact of the matter is, I have now built my dream computer, mainly with FS2004 in mind but have run up against a brick wall. The bloody thing keeps locking up solid on both FS2002 and FS2004. I have scoured all the flightsim sites for weeks and tried all the tips and suggestions I can see without success.

I was wondering if you know of any experienced flightsimmer in Brisbane who might be prepared to help me out. Can't seem to find any organised group in Brissy on the internet so was hoping you might know someone, as I'm sure they are about..

Yours in hopeful anticipation.
Alan Kilpatrick (Brisbane)


...the final chapter..

Thought the RAM was crook so took it back to supplier A for testing - returned unable to fault.

Local computer guru suggested it was the RAM sockets on mobo - took entire case and contents to mobo supplier B who wrote up the following fault report for his techie (this is a cut and paste)
" MB only from us. System has been unstable. System locks in the middle of running Flight Simulator. Can do it from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. screen, mouse lockes, can't alt crtl del. System can sometimes lock up in other programs but not as frequently. RAM has been tested ok by Umart. Custoemr has tried reisntalling windows from a clean start 5 times already with no change. custoemr believes he has all of teh latest drivers. Customer just recently tried to update the BIOS on the motherboard but after the updated the system will post but come up saying the CPU overclock has failed and it will not load defaults. or system can give Cmos checksum bad error."
After a week of anxiety received the following diagnosis from supplier B (more cut and paste)
"Custoemers cpu seems to be causing the system to crash randomly. using the customers cpu on our test motherboard the system had trouble installing windows xppro and was unstable. using our test cpu both the test system and the customers system were functioning correctly. I also used a P4 3.4Ghz Prescot to test the customers system which functioned correctly. All hardware exept for the cpu test ok"
Took CPU to supplier A for testing - after another week was rewarded with a brand new CPU under warranty from Intel. Have installed said CPU and after 16 weeks of total frustration my dream machine is now carrying me effortlessly throughout the flightsim world.

Love to stop and chat Pete but I've got 3 months of flying to catch up on....!!!! Thanks for all your suggestions mate and who knows - we might meet in cyber aerospace sometime.

Cheers for now
Alan Kilpatrick