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Multiple Monitors

" I've been a flight sim buff for a very long time, including having a private pilots licence for 10 years. It got to be too expensive a hobbie for me so I'm on the computer sims now.

I would like to run a secondary monitor to put FS's gauges on and just have graphics on my main monitor. I have a P4 3.2gig system with an ATI X850XT video card. I've looked around at a number of sites but can't seem to find any software that will split up the FS's windows. Anyone out there know where or even if I can get software that will do this, even if its just a trial copy? :) "

Tue 27 Dec
Track IR

Greg, multiple monitors are easy nowadays -
  1. Windows XP
  2. Any reasonable graphics card (USD$200.00 plus) will support two monitors
  3. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Start Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Now combine this setup with Track IR on the main screen and you are flying in a very sophisticated virtual cockpit with unlimited views!