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A Citizen Soldier in the Air - free PDF download

" I just finished reading A Citizen Soldier in the Air - free PDF download.

I just am always amazed at these guys. Great article, Thanks.

I have put a photo of the Owen L Buford (42-72899)crew who flew in the 321st Jolly Rogers on their web site. My step-dad trained with them just before they went over.My dad was grounded and replaced by Kenneth Rode.

They all died on take off Feb. 29, 1944. My dad never got over it. He talked about until the day he died. I found out later their remains were recovered and brought back in 1983. I am always willing to share a copy of the photo, if any wishes a copy.The photo is of the training plane, not the plane the crew went over in."

Terry - Dumerauf@CS.com
Sat 14 Jan 2006
Thanks Terry, it is always good to be able to share the history of these events which affect us all.

The whole article A Citizen Soldier in the Air - free PDF downloadcan be read or downloaded in .pdf format (suitable for printing)