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"Re: SVGA Harrier Assault (1992)- 'NOTE: I found it impossible to get this classic sim running under Windows 98, unfortunately it doesn't seem happy with 3D video cards. If you have an older conmputer with an S3 graphics card you should be able to run it. "

I got it running using dosbox.63 with a frontend made by D-Fend, link via dosbox. Used the wizard from the frontend, did not change anything, and off i flew. Only drawback is that my cougar throttle (and aaxis) are not being recognized, stick and rudder are ok."

Sun 22 Jan 2006
Has any come across the Tornado Album released and avilable when the flight sim Tornado (1993) was released. If you know of the album or no anyone has got it I would be very interested in listening to it, still trying to track down a copy on ebay

Adrian Brown - info@adrianebrown.co.uk
Sun 22 Jan 2006