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Battle of Britain - Their Finest Hour

" I realy enjoyed reading through your website, there were some sims I played and almost had forgotten.

But there was one I considered very important and couldn't find, it was "Their finest Hour the Battle of Britain" by Lawrence Holland and Lucasfilm games. I'm not quite sure when it came out, probably around 1990, it was the first Sim I played, I was seven! It would be realy great if you could ad it to the site. Thanks for the wonderfull tour through your Museum, keep up the good work. "

Greatings 76IAP.-Maennis
Fri 27 Jan 2006
Their Finest Hour: Battle of Britain

Thanks for your interest 76IAP.-Maennis. TFH BOB was published in 1989 and the Museum entry is here - Battle of Britain - Their Finest Hour