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" If you guys loved Homeworld, especially the pilot view option, and you love flight sims, then you should LOVE these other space flight sim games:

BANG, Gunship Elite - almost arcade style space fighter sim, and quite challenging in difficulty.

Descent: Freespace 1 and 2 - they carry the earlier Descent series into fully 3D space, with rich graphics and scenery, in depth campaigns, and engrossing gameplay. The game engine is definitely more flight-sim than real, true space physics. You can customise your ships and play versus other fighters and gigantic capital ships of unimaginable size.

Independence War 1 and 2 - more realistic physics game engine, with an interesting storyline and unique ship that can pick up cargo and perform other tasks besides just shooting.

Tachyon: The Fringe - realistic space physics game engine, with anything from small fighters to larger capital ships. Awesome strafing and dogfighting, especially for it's time, circa 1999. Very, very underrated, and highly recommended game! You can even target individual parts of a ship.

Jumpgate - an MMOG monthly fee game, but you get to whip out your joystick and really enjoy some great space flight in a fully PvP and PvE game that also lets you try out different ships and customise them.

Vendetta Online - another MMOG, very similar, using a flight-sim first person perspective, different ships and customiseable weapons.

I've liked flight sims ever since Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer, back on my IBM PS2 286 with a whopping 640kb of RAM and no harddrive. :D

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[DP]Ghent96 (ghent96@hotmail.com)
Wed 26 Apr 2006