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" I accidentally stumbled across your site and I’m now completely overcome by the memories this site stirred up.

I started off with my first PC bought entirely in order to use Falcon AT,

Falcon AT
Falcon AT

Then the first Jetfighter. It didn’t take too long and I was importing and selling Elite sims and carrying Thrustmaster in my buddy’s store. I still have two sets of Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals new in boxes in the basement.

Thrustmaster in the Flight Sim Museum Hardware Gallery

I remember all of this. What a trip.

I have at least two piles of old software in the basement office (which includes these classics):


JetFighter III - 1997
Jetfighter III

F15 by Janes
F-15 by Janes Combat Simulations

FA-18 by Janes - 2001
F/A-18 by Janes

Chuck Yeager's Air Combat- 1990 Chuck Yeager's Air Combat- 1990
Chuck Yeager's Air Combat

F-15 Strike Eagle I - 1985
the OLD F-15 Strike Eagle IF-15 Strike Eagle I on 3.5” (I think?).


I’m actually surprised how little of this type of simulation comes out anymore. It’s like the entire genre died (or was bought by Mr Gates.) In fact, one of my favorite games that I still talk about today (and I hate myself for selling my last copy- I had more on backorder-never came) was Bruce Artwick's “Tower”. That was awesome!!

Bruce Artwick, programmer of Flight Simulator I and Flight Simulator II.
Bruce Artwick

Anyway, by the late 90’s, there was so little “good” stuff coming, I sort of lost interest in it. model They were buggy; the PC speeds were constantly changing; people just couldn’t keep up with the ever changing demands and; if you had a “Uber PC”, the results were often mediocre.

I’d love to see it all come back. In fact, the cool way to work the sims would be to have it all transfer to Playstation or Xbox since sims are all about the graphics / flight modeling. then we need good rudders and HOTAS for the PS3 and/or Xbox. Games exist for them but very “arcade”.

Thanks for the memory trip. Keep it up. Let me know if there is anything coming that will rekindle my “flight fever”. When I sort through the pile of stuff, I’ll shoot you a list to see if there is anything you want. "

Rob Gibney
Sat 24 Feb 2007