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Sims with nukes?

Good day,

I have been absorbed in flight sims, both civilian and military since about 1984. I have played and still own many of the titles featured on the Flight Sim Museum. I have an unusual little personal goal for my flight-sim collection. I say 'unusual', because to my amazement, I can find no other individual who has tried what I am trying with solid information online. Anyway, let me get straight to it....

I am trying to gather a complete list of combat flight simulators which include the use of nuclear weapons. I only became interested in this about 4 years ago when I was playing Nova-Logic's 'Lightning-III'. One of that game's unusual features was the inclusion of high-drag, unguided nuclear bombs. I decided to start collecting games which feature such weapons. I was very surprised to find that there just aren't that many sims out there which share this feature. I went back and dug up armour-geddon which featured a high-yield weapon as one of the main goals of the game. I also grabbed another copy of starglider-2 which featured a neutron emission weapon, but I am really not interested in the space-based sims, just the combat air sims.

I thought back to the Jane's series which included no nuclear weapons and I really must say I was surprised that such was the case considering the cold-war setting of some of those games. I was likewise surprised at other cold-war sims which seem to completely avoid the nuclear option such as: Strike Eagle series, Project Stealth Fighter and Nighthawk F-117 from Microprose, Falcon 3.0, Megafortress (jeez! no nukes in a b-52? that ain't right),

I thought maybe the idea of nuclear weapons in those games I just mentioned was seen as 'hypothetical' and were avoided for authenticity. I next turned my attention to another period/theatre setting...

"OK now," I said to myself, "let's look at the World War 2 historical sims. Must be many sims that focus on the Pacific and climax with the atomic raids on Japan. Its historical fact, no hypothetical situation there at all. Well... let's just say big disappointment. I couldn't believe games like Aces of the Pacific, Combat Flight Sim 1 and 2(Microsoft), Pacific Air War, and so on didn't include the atomic raids. I thought to myself, 'Is it avoided out of a sense of political correctness?' Then I thought 'Can't be... there are all kinds of other things that would have been cut as well if P.C.ness was the culprit.'

At any rate, have you ever compiled a list of flight sims with nukes? I would love to see such a list, or at least to have some such games named for me and brought to my attention. Can you help me???

Elliott C. Baker

Elliot, Use this search function and you will find which sims modelled nukes. - MiGMan: