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" Nice article, though I think it has two noteable exceptions. The first helo sim, Gunship by Microprose which was line drawn, not even shaded, just monochrome wireframes. Also from EA and Brent Iverson in 1990, LHX Attack Chopper. "

Cajun Hawk.

Exhibit - Gunship (1987)

Release Date: 1987
Platform: Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore C-64, Commodore Amiga, IBM PC, MSX, Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Developer: Microprose
Publisher: Microprose
In collection: Yes
Comments: In Gunship there were no external views available, just a cockpit with a bedazzling array of engine sensors and weapons displays. Engine start left, Engine start right then drop the clutch to start the rotors spinning. Collective up and the rotor blades bite savagely into the air. With a leap and whoops, you're airborne! 1987 had never been more exciting!

LHX Attack Chopper