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Falcon 3.0

" Falcon 3.0 section really brought back some memories.

Still have the manual, maps and Pete Bonnani's book. Have ordered Falcon 4.0 from EBworld and hopefully it will land in Oz next week. "

All the best,

Chuck Yeager's Air Combat- 1990 Chuck Yeager's Air Combat- 1990

" I am including some shots of Chuck Yeager's Air Combat. (Don't tell anyone else this but it was fun to play again. I just love cutting into a B-17 box in a Focke-Wulf 190 with guns blazing. Bloody magic and the game includes blackouts and stalls). "


"Thanks for the comments on my simulator.

Most appreciated. .... you have some great pictures there! Only someone like yourself who have built their own cockpit can appreciate the amount of work that goes into one of these 'projects' I estimate that I am about 40% completed, and the hydraulics are going to be the last implemented. Us Aussies must stick together!!!"


John Dunkley
JOHN DUNKLEY has built a 747 cockpit with full motion and a projected display!