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Fighter Pilot by Digital Integration.

Falcon 4.0
" Well, if you think you have seen it all , there is always something that suprises you!

Man , this is cool, and brings back memories. The way you describe those sims is exactly the way it started. Big color TV Spec/16 Nightflite (Sinclair Spectrum) Nightgunner and Fighter Pilot by Digital Integration.

Even with Falcon 4.0 on my HD right now, these times will never come back. Last time I saw a old magazine and a ad from Digital Integrationthat reminded me of going to the U.K to pick up a copy of Fighter Pilot by Digital Integration.

My wife (girlfriend then) thought it was for a romantic weekend ;< ) man, i was hooked !!

It all ended with me and my wife owning a real flightsim-shop, and we still love it. But looking at your flightsim- museum page sure brings back fun memories We couldn't have dreamt of Falcon 4.0 could we?

Okay one great site !"

Best Regards

Henk / FLIGHTBASE the Netherlands.