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Sims with Nukes? - Elliott C. Baker


August 24: Delor - Where can I buy Cockpit Collection's Keyboard Control Covers ?

August 9: Dan submitted a report on SSI's 1988 sim "B-24"

Ace - "Super Huey has been my first flight simulator in 1986..."

Rob Gibney - " I accidentally stumbled across your site and Iím now completely overcome by the memories this site stirred up."


Robert Shiplett - "a PC sim ("DC-10" ?) with no graphics other than a character-based flat 'cockpit' of crude gauges."

[DP]Ghent96 - "... you should LOVE these other space flight sim games..."

Greetz from Germany, Brork - "one of my first Flight Sims was Fighter Bomber or Strike Aces on C64"

James Teel - "MigMan, Thank you for keeping this game alive."

glen pearce - "... the best simulation of the WWI air war I have found."

Jim Benson. - "Alien pig abduction"

76IAP.-Maennis - Their finest Hour the Battle of Britain

Koriel - Running SVGA Harrier in DOS BOX

Adriane Brown - Tornado Album

Terry - A Citizen Soldier in the Air

Tim - Thrustmaster manuals and drivers


Greg - Multiple monitors

John Flexman - "...in the Royal Navy flying Vickers Supermarine Scimitar F1s"

Dan Hanke - Operation Flash Point: Resistance (2002)

Paul - Chuck Yeager's Air Combat

99th_Bearcat - Sturmovik links

Craig Knapp - Jetfighter II under DOS box

New PC keeps locking up - Alan Kilpatrick

James "Nutty" Hallows - Thanks for keeping this invaluable repository online.

Chuck Ferguson - Falcon 3.0 Dos version

Lee Wilhite - Thrustmaster Mark II FCS

P.Luna - I don't see Independence War series in the 1990s Space Sims

Doug Helmer - "...the best and most complete archive of the history of PC air combat sims"

Etsak - Salute to every flight simmer


P. Brown - "Up till about 3 months ago my Game collection had no Flight sims at all..."

Dominic - "Any chance you could put X-Plane in the Museum?"

Hockey Town USA - "me too"

Pilgrim - " Thanks to MiGMan for making me feel old!"

Jim - "I cruised the different pages for hours, lost in memory lane"

Mad Dog and Gonzo - "Thanx to MiGMan"

Andrew - "just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your site, aside from how old it makes me feel."

Benjahman Kush - "your site is WICKED!!!!"

Eddie - "All those flying hours of the ancient past are coming back to me"

Marcus Shaw - DOS problems - "THANKYOU SO MUCH! I had no idea it was so simple"

Chris Conly - " Thanks for your little review of Gunship in today's posting in the newsgroup. I saw a copy downtown for $20 -- guess I'll have to go get it. "

Ivor Hughes - "Thanks for the tips"

Glen Gilbert - "a very unique dedication to a form of art"

Miguel Lousado Margarido - "are one helluva flight sim enthusiast"

Martin McMurray - "An outstanding effort"

Mark Hermonat - "Glad I signed up on the list"

Bill England - "keep up the great work"

Nigel Alefounder - "What can I say? - Ace!"

Dominique Denais - "Well done MiGMan"

Meatwater - "Thanks for the effort!"

Doc Tony - "It's that good!"

Steve O'Neill


2000 Olympics Albert aka Recker - "As a fellow Aussie. I am so proud of your Olympic section on your site"

Liu "ePilot" Li (from China) - "www.migman.com is the bestest flight simulation web!"

Scott Cunningham - "consider it among the best of Aviation sim sites."

Paolo - "Your web site is beautiful, and gave me some emotions"

Chris "Muther-Goose" - "Your site has been a great catalyst"

Mark Bewick - "Excellent web site"

Huey - "Flight Sim paradise!"


John - Seb - "keep up the excellent work"

Bob - "I love your museum!! "

Jon Velapoldi - ", I enjoy your webpage, it has tons of useful stuff in it."

Ray Sotkiewicz - SpeedOne

"Very nice site !" - Gabe Turk from Microprose


Joe - "your site brought a tear to my eye"

Gunner and Jeremy Craven - "This page is the BEST!"

Henk from FLIGHTBASE in the Netherlands - "Well, if you think you have seen it all , there is always something that surprises you..."

dekka - Gremlin - John Dunkley - "Falcon 3 section really brought back some memories."