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about:   Bruce Artwick ca.2000, still flying!
software:   Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator Series
people:   Bruce Artwick
tags:   Programmer   Producer    
Interview | Interview with Bob Dinnerman, creator of F/A 18 Interceptor (external link): Interview with Bob Dinnerman, creator of F/A 18 Interceptor  
software:   JetFighter: The Adventure
people:   Bob Dinnerman
tags:   Interview   Programmer   Producer  
Official Site | (external link): Official Site
org:   Just Flight
people:   Alex Ford
tags:   Official Site   Producer    
software:   F-117 Nightstorm
tags:   People   Programmer   Producer   Artist
IL-2 Forgotten Battles demo 2003  
software:   IL-2 Forgotten Battles
people:   Oleg Maddox
tags:   Producer   Features    
published:   2003
LOMAC demo by Matt Wagner at the 2002 European Flight Simulation Show  
software:   Lock On: Modern Air Combat
people:   Matt Wagner
tags:   Producer   Features    
published:   2002
Martin Kenwright  
people:   Martin Kenwright
tags:   People   Producer    
Programmers & Producers in Flight Simulation  
tags:   Programmer   Producer    
published:   2021   updated:   2021-03-11

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