Rotary Wing

3-D Helicopter Simulator
Air Missions: HIND
Apache Longbow Assault
ARMA 3 Helicopters
  • ARMA 3 Helicopters
  • date_range 2014
  • home ARMA 3  
  • precision_manufacturing Bohemia Interactive  
  • content_paste"'Arma 3 Helicopters, the second premium DLC for Arma 3, features the highly detailed CH-67 Huron and Mi-290 Taru heavy-lift helicopters, a Sling Loading showcase scenario, and four exclusive helicopter Time Trial challenges. The DLC is complemented by a major free platform update for Arma 3, which lands the new Support MP mode, sling loading, RotorLib, firing from vehicles, and more."
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Comanche 3
Comanche 4
Comanche Gold
  • Comanche Gold
  • date_range 1998
  • precision_manufacturing Novalogic  
  • content_pasteAdded: new campaigns, new missions, mission design tool, weather effects and a campaign designed exclusively for NovaLogic by a former U.S. Army Team Comanche member to the 1997 release Comanche 3.
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Comanche: Over the Edge
Combat Helo
Combat Lynx
Enemy Engaged 2
Enemy Engaged Apache vs. Havoc
Enemy Engaged Comanche vs. Hokum
  • Enemy Engaged Comanche vs. Hokum
  • date_range 2000
  • precision_manufacturing Razorworks   Empire  
  • content_pasteIt was early April 2000... and two of the world's most fearsome helicopter gunships landed on home PCs worldwide. One of the best pieces of news to me was that 'Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum' is backward-compatible with Enemy Engaged - Apache vs Havoc, meaning you still have access to the campaigns and flyable helos from AvH. That of course is if you have AvH installed - if you don't, and you have a PC 300 Mhz or faster and a 3D graphics card, then run out and get it!
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Enemy Engaged Comanche vs. Hokum | DLC
  • Enemy Engaged Comanche vs. Hokum | DLC
  • date_range 2016
  • content_paste9 flyable helicopters:
    Blue: AH-64A Apache | AH-64D Apache Longbow | RAH-66 Comanche | AH-1Z Viper | OH-58D Kiowa.|| Red: Ka-52 "Hokum B" | Ka-50 "Black Shark" | Mi-28N "Havoc" | Mi-24V Hind || Plus scenery and graphics upgrades.
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  • Gunship
  • date_range 1987
  • content_pasteIn Gunship there were no external views available, just a cockpit with a bedazzling array of engine sensors and weapons displays. Engine start left, Engine start right then drop the clutch to start the rotors spinning. Collective up and the rotor blades bite savagely into the air. With a leap and whoops, you're airborne! 1987 had never been more exciting!
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Gunship (pub 2000)
Gunship 2000
  • Gunship 2000
  • date_range 1991
  • precision_manufacturing Microprose  
  • content_pasteGunship 2000 was an Apache Gunship sim released in 1991 by Microprose. As usual with their products, a strong sense of atmosphere was maintained by seamless menu screens and music. You could also fly the A H-1 Cobra, OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, MD 530MG, UH-60 Blackhawk, RAH-66 Comanche and AH-64B Apache Longbow. 1998: "If you only have a 386 and want some exciting chopper action then get this!"
  • tagCombatRotary WingNATO
Gunship 2000 PIA
Helicopter Flight Simulator
Helicopter Simulator 2014: Search and Rescue
  • Hind
  • date_range 1997
  • content_pasteThe makers of Tornado sent the sim world a Helicopter Gunship sim with a difference! It's big, it's mean looking, it's heavily armoured and carries a huge swag of ordnance... its the Mi-24 Hind Gunship!
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Longbow 2
Longbow Gold
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Microsoft Flight Simulator 3
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1
Microsoft Flight Simulator 95
Microsoft Flight Simulator X : Steam Edition
Super Chopper
  • Super Chopper
  • date_range 2021
  • precision_manufacturing Webfoot   Ziggurat  
  • content_paste"Climb into the cockpit of a military attack helicopter and take on five life or death scenarios, or make your own missions in the included level editor!" - Steam
  • tagCivilRotary Wing
Super Huey III
Take On Helicopters
  • Take On Helicopters
  • date_range 2011
  • precision_manufacturing Bohemia Interactive  
  • content_pasteTake on Helicopters is a civil helo sim with campaign built in the ARMA 2 engine. This sim was released in 2011 and still looks great 10 years later. The fluid feel of the flight dynamics and the immersive campaign put it into my list of all time favourites. I can only hope that Bohemia Interactive release more titles like this, they don't need to update the engine - just give us more great stories to fly through!
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Thunder Wolves
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