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3-D Helicopter Simulator

Manual: Flight tips

from Addendum to 3-D Helicopter Simulator documentation, version 1.0, 8/28/87.


Page 21, last paragraph. Failure of your engine during flight will always result in your "death"


We have included a loadable helicopter modeled on the Apache AH-64 military attack helicopter. Although this will change your appearance, your helicopter will still fly as though it is a Robinson R-22.

The Edge of the World

When you fly off the "edge" of a scene, you will "wrap around" to the opposing side. For instance, if you fly East from town long enough you will eventually re-enter the same town from the West.

Controlling the Helicopter

We have attempted to accurately simulate the controls of a real helicopter by slightly delaying the keyboard response to match the delayed response of real helicopter controls. This produces an "inertia" effect which is a prevalent helicopter flight characteristic.


Page 31 of the documentation mentions that dual joysticks are required. If only one joystick is used, it will be presumed to be the cyclic stick.

Screenshot from 3-D Helicopter Simulator.