421C Golden Eagle 421C Golden Eagle
Exhibit - 421C Golden Eagle
Release Date - 2002
Platform - PC
Host sim - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002
Developer -
Publisher - Flight One
In collection - No.
Comments - It adds the Cessna 421C Golden Eagle to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.

" The Cessna 421C Golden Eagle is a pressurized "cabin class" aircraft that offers comfort, speed, reliability and predictable handling in an airplane that can climb to a ceiling of 30,000 ft and a cruise speed of up to 258 knots.

At time of release, no other aircraft could fly further, faster, higher and carry as much load in any comparable piston twin class. The Golden Eagle's performance equals many turboprops, yet costs hundreds of thousands less to own and operate. Highly competitive and built for the business aviation market. "
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