A-10 Tank Killer by Sierra (1989) A-10 Tank Killer by Sierra (1989)
Exhibit - A-10 Tank Killer

Development Team

The team behind A-10 Tank Killer by Sierra

A-10 Tank Killer main team - front and center -(left to right) Supporting cast behind

Randy Dersham, Dave Selle, David McClurg, Lincoln Hutton, Damon Slye, Cyrus Kanga, Mark Brennemen, Kobe Miller, Bryce Morsello and Sher Alltucker.

(Special thanks to Atrium Security for making this illegal shot possible)

Over 25 of the industry's best programmers, artists and background crew worked together to bring this product to life. A great many all-nighters, far too many 16 hour days, several dozen delivered pizzas, numerous Tetris matches and a least one bunny roast later, this program finds it's way into your hands. We hope you have as much fun playing this product as we had creating it.

MiGMan thanks Steve O'Neill for the scan.