A-10 Warthog

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Cluster bombs

The Avenger cannon fitted to the A-10 Warthog is about the size of a Volkswagon automobile! - Preflight walkaround: the Avenger cannon - 543 KB
Arming the weapons requires the ground crew to remove the arming pics which are tagged with red streamers. - The ground crew arms the weapons - 635 KB
Taxiing to takeoff in the A-10 - Taxi to takeoff - 347 KB
Takeoff - Takeoff - 453 KB
A-10's proceeding in formation to the target area - A-10's in formation - 561 KB
The A-10 often works in close coordination with ground troops. - Manoeuvering above troops - 453 KB
Dropping flares to distract heat seeking missiles. - Dropping flares - 447 KB
A-10 Warthog leaves a fiery swathe of destruction. - Bombing run - 535 KB
Ballutes are bombs whose fall is retarded by a small parachute. - Dropping ballutes - 613 KB
Rockeye munitions spread hundreds of small bomblets. - Rockeye attack - 567 KB
Avenger cannon fires coke-bottle sized slugs of depleted uranium.  - Strafing run - 453 KB
A-10 Warthogs in close formation. - A-10's in close formation - 615 KB
Touchdown in the A-10. - Touchdown - 395 KB