A320 Airbus

" As you were "working" for the airline, your flight planning had to be the most efficient route regarding fuel ( saving the company money ) possible, whilst adhering to all the various flight rules laid out in the charts, including height & speed restriction for noise sensitive areas & avoiding military training areas.

After landing at your destination, you were then graded on your overall performance & flight planning calculations accuracy.

You were continually graded through your flying career, and after so many hours / flights, you had to undergo a check ride with an instructor. Various items of equipment would be disabled ( such as autoland on the autopilot ) so you had to prove you had the skill to be a captain of an airliner. If you failed the check ride you could end up with being demoted.

If you passed, you were able to get the next rank up. During your normal day to day flying, if your standard fell here too, you could also end up in trouble. ."

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