A320 Airbus

" The cockpit of this sim was stunning, and the complexity of the navigation instruments ( VOR, NDB ) were lightyears ahead of anything else I had seen or used until then. The flight dynamics of the aircraft were superb - you also had the digital flight computer allowing you full freedom of the flight envelope, but you also had a manual override, which really made you work that aircraft!

The sim had training flight area in the menu, but the main part of the sim was flying as a career for Lufthansa. You had full freedom of choosing your flight details, departure, destination, PAX & cargo weight.

You then had to plan the route in full using the info provided by the charts provided & the random weather reports given to you before take-off allowing a reserve for diversion to an alternate airport. You also had several pages in the manual dedicated to fuel consumption/ airspeed/ altitude charts which were consulted during the planning stages. "

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