Title - Advanced Tactical Fighters



Table of Contents

I. Letter from EA
II. Installation Instructions
III. Changes and Additions
IV. Troubleshooting
V. Product Support Information


Thank you for obtaining the Jane's (R) Combat Simulations Advanced Tactical Fighters GOLD 1.00F Patch 2 (English).

Please refer to the Changes and Additions (section III.) below.


To install the patch, do the following:

1. Copy the file E_ATFG_P2.exe to your ATFGOLD directory.
2. Double-click on the file named E_ATFG_P2.exe.
3. At the prompt, select the directory in which you have
installed ATF GOLD (default directory is C:\JANES\ATFGOLD).
4. The patch will self-extract and install.

This procedure could take up to 30 minutes.
Your system may also appear to be locked up upwards to 5 minutes while file comparison takes place.
The patch is still installing.
5. Once installation is finished you will recieve a message: "ATF Gold has been successfully updated to v1.00 Patch 2!"
6. Click OK, and start ATF Gold normally.



(This latest patch primarily addresses compatability problems with Windows 98).

- Multiple fixes for DDRAW problems for Diamond and Matrox drivers that have problems switching from 16 or 24bit into 8 bit graphics mode.

- Win98 fix for mouse (on a multi-monitor system you could move the mouse off the game screen easily .. causing the game to minimize).

- Win98 exception handler fix (Win98 deals with processor overflows and underflows differently causing the game to occasionally crash).

- Fix for OSR2 and OSR2.1 versions of Win95. Small fix to the way a host connects. A bug in the latest versions of Win95 causes a Host not to find a Joiner if the Host is the last one in the game.


- You no longer need to enter the "# of players" and "Group ID #" when playing multiplayer over the internet or LAN. When ready, the HOST need only click START to launch the game.

This should make it easier to get connected for those players with limited communication between each other.

- We've added command line arguments to further ease connecting with other players.

ATF [/h or /j]
[tcp or spx]
[host address {xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx for tcp} or
{xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for spx}]

For example, if you want to host a game using TCP, use the following arguments:

ATF /h tcp

If you want to connect to a host over TCP, you'll need the host's address:

ATF /j tcp

- This patch contains a fix that now allows Advanced IR to change target to any airplane, including non armed planes, with no loss of game performance.


- In this patch we have included a fix for customers with certain video cards that are experiencing a problem upon startup of ATFGOLD. These users are receiving either the message, "ATF caused an invalid Page Fault in module ATF.EXE at 0137:0047B3D5, or the message, "Could not set Video Mode 2". These are problems with the drivers of these video cards, not with our software. The drivers of these cards are not currently certified to work with DirectX applications. We hope the manufacturers will update their drivers in the near future and gain Microsoft certification. Our fix was to enable our program to run with a certified or uncertified DirectX driver for these video cards. This patch will keep the problems from occurring for the following cards:

Matrox - Cards using the PowerDesk/PowerDesk PCI Driver Diamond - Cards using the Diamond GT driver

Check with your manufacturer for information on updated drivers for your video card.

- This patch also includes a fix for customers that use a Windows 95 backup program or any other such utility. These users were getting the error message of either, "ATF Fatal Error Loadfile can't load Chooseac.pic" or "ATF Fatal Error Loadfile can't load Choosem.mnu". This patch will prevent this error message from occurring and allow the game to operate normally.


ATFGOLD now supports TCP/IP play so that you may play the game over the Internet using a modem and an Internet provider. To use the new TCP/IP feature, do the following steps:

- Connect to your Internet service provider. - Select the fastest computer in the group to be the Host. This provides the best overall performance. - Everyone must have the host's IP address in order to connect, so everyone needs to get this number before running ATFGOLD. If you are the host, one way to find your IP address is to press the OPTION button on the TCP/IP connection screen. Your computers current IP address is listed near the top of the screen. Another way is to double-click on the file named WINIPCFG.exe in the Windows directory). - Now make sure everyone has the IP address of the host computer (There are several IRC chat clients, like MIRC and PERCH, that will allow you to communicate this and other information before getting into the game.) - Once everyone has the host's IP address, get into the game and select TCP/IP from the Multi-Player menu. - You will go to the TCP/IP Network connection screen. You will need to enter your callsign. - Once you have completed this, click the OPTION text box and you will be sent to the TCP/IP Network connection options screen. On this screen, click on the Host's IP address text box, and enter in the IP address of your host's computer EXACTLY (including the periods). - Now click OK. - Now you are back at the TCP/IP network connection screen. If you are the host, you should press the NEW button, everyone else should press JOIN. - After a brief moment you should see everyone connecting. You are now ready to play a multi-player ATFGOLD game!


- We cannot connect when we try to hook-up using TCP/IP. Make sure that you are hooked up to your Internet service provider.

- When I hit NEW/JOIN, I cannot find anyone. Try hitting ESC and then hitting the NEW or JOIN button (depending on whether or not you are the host).

- The game is very choppy.

1. Make sure you have the fastest computer as the host.
2. Make sure you do not have more than 4 players in TCP/IP multi-play at the same time. ATFGOLD supports up to 4 players in TCP/IP mode. You may be able to connect up to 8 players, but your performance may suffer.
3. Turn down your graphic detail under the PREFS, GRAPHICS pull-down menu selection. You may see a drastic improvement by turning down terrain textures or object textures.
- I get a black screen upon startup and then it returns to
the desktop.
Try setting your video display settings to 640x480
pixels and 256 colors.
- It looks as though all the airplanes are suspended in
mid air then I get disconnected from the game while using
a TCP/IP connection.
1. Try to limit the number of players to 4.
2. Try to play the game during non-peak network hours. A high volume of network traffic may cause loss of performance and/or loss of connection during gameplay.
3. Close down all non-essential programs running in the background for they can conflict with the game and result in a loss of performance.



If you have any questions or comments you may contact an Electronic Arts Product Support Technician in any of the following ways:

Note: E-mail will be answered by e-mail, fax by fax, mail by mail.

EA Tech Support website:


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(650) 628-8468
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