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Ace of Aces was a simulation of the De Havilland Mosquito fighter-bomber.

Animations.. It was a neat thing featuring the first animation of clouds moving under the plane that I ever saw (they were of course 2D bit maps but their animation was really sweet). The game had some elements of early multimedia (renderings of planes, crews and airfield facilities that were displayed between the missions), a briefing room where you animated an intelligence officer who used a stick to point at mission choices/options, etc.

Views. It boasted multiple cockpit views (!) including an instrument panel with an animated 'control stick' that moved according to the movements of the user's joystick, moving map, starboard/port wings with engines/engine controls and a bomb bay where user could open the doors as well as select ordnance (rockets - bombs - cannon) and drop bombs on 'trains' and 'U-boats'.

Terrain. Interestingly enough, no terrain was ever visible except for simple renditions of trains and U-boats passing under the bomb bay, and the horizon was always simulated by those rolling clouds. Below the cloud level there was plain white 'zero visibility' that encouraged 'instrument flying' practice and invisible terrain. During air-to-air combat the bogies appeared as thin lines on the horizon, then got larger until they looked like black 'fighter plane cut-outs' facing you and savagely firing their machine guns.


The Briefing screen in Ace of Aces

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The Dogfight
The Bomb Bay
Train Bombing was never more fun!
Rocket attack
Arming Screen
Mission Map
Shooting down the Doodle-bug
Almost Ace in a Day!
The Intro Screens

Box art -
Sinclair Spectrum screens - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05

What is this Mosquito anyway?

MiGMan thanks Mark Pajak from Worth, IL, USA for this detailed recollection and the screenshots. Thanks Mark!