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"The enemy fire resulted in damage simulation that was awe-inspiring for the times, including broken systems, flaming engines (you could switch to a side view and see the flaming engine - and then feather the prop by flipping a switch) etc. With some bad luck the pilot could get shot across the face which was illustrated by bullet holes that suddenly filled the windshield and resulted in sudden and complete loss of control of the plane.

The bad news is that the game is, of course not featured in your list.

"It is now!" MiGMan

The good news is that you can go to, download a Commodore C64 emulator (a DOS program that runs on your Windows machine and pretends to be a C64) then get Ace of Aces and play it! "

" I'm a 27 year old sim fan who played many of the games featured on your site in the 1980s. I was living in Poland at that time and was more or less isolated from IBM and Apple industry but my friends and I had a few Atari 800-class machines and a Commodore Amiga.

I enjoyed reading about the 'ancient' simulations featured in your site and thought fondly about the old days when Digital Integration's Tomahawk (1985) was considered the ultimate combat helicopter ride, ha-ha-ha. "

Mark Pajak



Get those Mosquitos to the flight line!

Run 'em up.

Cheerio chaps! Keep the kettle hot for me!

Cheerio chaps! Keep the kettle hot for me!

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