Afterburber by SEGA
Title - Afterburner by Sega
Release Date - 1988
Developer - Sega
Publisher - Activision
Collection - - Yes. Donated by Simon Robbinsin 2001.
Comments - Although this was definitely an arcade game rather than a sim, it is worth a mention because it had a pretty good moving cockpit in the arcades and probably got many people interested the flight sim genre. Anyway the fact remains that if you tell someone that you're into Flight Simulators there is a pretty good chance they'll say "Oh, yeah, you mean like: Afterburner!"

The PC port of this game didn't look as good as the arcade machines but bear in mind that these were the days of 386 25 Mhz processors and 2 MEG RAM!

Splash Screen
Options Screen
Game Over!

Sinclair Spectrum screens:
Spectrum : Splash Screen
Action screen
Action screen
Action screen

Box art

Splash screen

Cockpit view


Game Over

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In early 2002 Simon Robbins kindly contributed these sims to the Flight Sim Museum Collection.