Air Power - The Cold War
Title: Air Power: The Cold War (2000)

NATO missions

Chuck Yeager's Air Combat is remembered as a classic sim from the early 1990's. Would it cut the mustard today? Well... no! The graphics are primitive, the cockpits basic, scripted missions limited in number and scope. The attraction was in playing the same missions over and over, a quick air combat fix and never exactly the same twice.

So, 10 years on - what are we to do? Track down a copy of Chuck Yeager's Air Combat or do we move on?

Let's move on - at least to 1998, to Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998). In that sim, straightforward, scripted missions provided hours of fun in the WW2 European theatre but unfortunately stopped short of the jet era - the 1950's. This is where Air Power: The Cold War (2000) fits the bill with it's 20 missions and 30 flyable aircraft! The missions are minimalistic, straight to the point and guaranteed fun in a 5 minute time slot.

Recon photo Briefing
Hawker Hunter F.6 N.A.T.O. Mission 1
De Havilland Venom N.A.T.O. Mission 2
F-100D Super Sabre N.A.T.O. Mission 3
Gloster Javelin Mk.5
N.A.T.O. Mission 4
De Havilland Vampire T.11
N.A.T.O. Mission 5
North American F-86K Sabre
N.A.T.O. Mission 6
N.A.T.O. Mission 7 - Sabre v MiG Furball
N.A.T.O. Mission 7
AVRO Shackleton Mk.3
N.A.T.O. Mission 8
N.A.T.O. Mission 9 N.A.T.O. Mission 9
N.A.T.O. Mission 10 N.A.T.O. Mission 10