Air Support<

Air Support

" Using the ASBS to build entire weapon systems manipulate the environment and resources, the whole bloody conflict is fought from the safety of a computer keyboard.

The player is in command of a single Defense Complex and all its components, including up to 16 programmable attack and reconnaissance craft. But before he can enter the full simulation he must complete 20 training missions. These are tackled on a pass/fail basis, growing progressively harder and awarding rank to candidates who show a consistent rate of success.

All major decisions in Air Support are made on the main Map Screen which giveds an overall view of the landscape, vehicle positions and headings. It also enables patrol assignments for all active warcraft.

The Defense Complex, the core of military operations, consists of six different units. Headquarters, Power Generators, Factories, Missile Command Posts, Radar Stations and Connections, the conduits through which all power and command decisions are transmitted. From the map the player may also design the layout of his Defense Complex to suit his strategic preferences. Attack craft must be assigned waypoints and may be set to patrol on auto or may led on a be controlled directly by the player who can jump in and out of any vehicle at any time with a first person, out-the-window, wire-frame vector display. There are loads of options to enhance or simplify the simulation, including synthesized speech and multiple ways in which to view the map (contour or relief; overhead or isometric views).

Air Support by Psygnosis

MiGMan thanks Scott "Zuma" Wolf at for the scans and review.

Ultimately, however, the depth of the strategic element is let down by the graphics of the tactical.

There's just no getting around the dated wire-frarne display. With the splendid Armour-Geddon still available and rumors of Armour- Geddon II down the road, Air Support feels more like something run up the flagpole just to see if anyone would salute. "

System Reviewed: Amiga
Designed by: Alaric J. Binnie
Players: One