Airfix Dogfighter

Airfix Dogfighter

Flying the demo I finally had a go at the demo in early 2001. By this time the game had been out a while and there were a range of reactions in the community from "a waste of time" to "good clean fun!".

On starting the demo - which by the way I ran from the PC Pilot Magazine cover disk - I selected a pilot:

then proceeded to the menu which looks like a scale modeller's workbench.

Main menu screen -
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Home base

Take off was easy - just press the "D" key and the plane got airborne very easily. The flight model might be described as extremely "user-friendly". You can fly at VERY low speeds and even ... ahem... bump into walls and objects with no apparent ill-effects. This is just as well because the flying takes place in extremely conifned spaces! However it is possible to crash: