Battle of Britain by Rowan

Tweaking the Graphics Dave Whiteside of Rowan released this information abput tweaking the graphics settings.

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This information is for advanced users only. You probably can't hurt your computer by fiddling with this file, but may stop the game running and neccesitate a fresh installation.

" Notes on Rowan's Battle of Britain's cardbase.rc file.

Why does Rowan's Battle of Britain need a cardbase.rc file?

The cardbase.rc file allows for the graphics engine to be tuned by hand and for specific machines and tastes. For example some of the W/Z buffer issues may be a matter of taste, if someone is happy to lose a small amount of resolution close up in order to gain a greater view distance then they can make tweaks for their own specific hardware. Also cardbase.rc allows Rowan's Battle of Britain to be more future proof. For example when Rowan's Battle of Britain was mastered the Geforce2MX card was not available so anyone with that card would have had to have waited for a patch to make the card work. As it is they can just add the correct line to the cardbase file and then get flying. Also a graphics chipset may be used by a number of card manufacturers to build their own cards some of which need different fixes. What we have attempted to provide is a generic set of solutions, but allow fine tuning and tweaking where desirable."

Read on for a slightly expanded explanation of what the different options within cardbase do and why they are present.

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