Battle of Britain
Title - Battle of Britain by Talonsoft
Release Date - 1999
Developer -
Publisher -
Collection - - Pre-release press CD ROM provided by Ken Wilson of Directsoft
Comments - Play by email is fully supported and well suits the chess-like nature of the game. It is turn -based with events unfolding in real time once both sides have entered their decisions. You can zoom in and out on the action. You can set up for a 1 day event or elect to play out the whole 6 week campaign.

Have you ever wanted to change history? Do you have delusions of grandeur? .... or are you a bona fide tactical genius?

History records that the Battle of Britain was won by the British, and largely due to Dowding's policy (unpopular at the time) of limited and graduated responses to the initial weeks of German raids. He knew that if Britain were to last the distance she would have to husband her resources... pilots and planes.

The BOB was a pivotal point in the course of World War 2 for several reasons. It demonstrated to the US that Britain was determined and able to survive the best the Luftwaffe had to throw at them and it postponed Hitler's plans for invading the isle by quite some time.

Put yourself in the hot-seat and run Fighter Command, or alternatively run the Luftwaffe. Either way this is a thinking person's game. Short on eye candy and high on brain food.