Battle Over Europe Battle Over Europe Battle Over Europe
Title - Battle Over Europe
Host sim - IL-2 Forgotten Battles
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Comments - Dynamic campaign add-on for IL-2 Forgotten Battles.


  • 12 Dynamic campaigns (six per side) for Luftwaffe and USAAF on the Western Front. Scenarios are between June 1944 and May 1945 in Western Europe, mostly Germany and France.

  • For the first time in IL-2 the user can fly missions on the Western font over Normandy and Ardennes.

  • NEW! Online Dynamic Campaign feature. For the first time ever users will be able to play dynamic campaigns online with other players, where results of each mission will directly influence the situation in the next.

  • Historical US military ranks and awards given out by the campaign engine in realistic fashion. Names and faces of US pilots for the squadron roster component of the campaign engine. The user can enlist in over 100 historical squadrons, many with accurate historical Ace paint schemes.

  • Updated campaign engine and greatly enhanced mission briefings compared to stock FB campaigns - all written by the original dynamic campaign creator. Every new mission is generated based on 61 mission types and thousands of potential targets for each of the 12 campaigns - for a total of roughly 3.5 million unique missions.

  • Three new single, three co-op and six dogfight missions for online play for US and Germany

  • 93 total skins for a total of 20 aircraft types. This is counting the aircraft subtypes, i.e. P-47D-22 and P-47D-27 are counted as two different aircraft (and they do have different skins).

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