Battlehawks 1942

BattleHawks 1942

Commodore Amiga version

" I actually got Battlehawks after Battle of Britain - Their Finest Hour, and I think that only because of this it was a bit of a disappointment.

I didn't really play it that much, sticking to Finest Hour instead. The game was based around the battles of the Pacific during WWII - a great idea, but it had one fatal flaw. On the Amiga ( at least ) you could only use the mouse or keyboard for aircraft control, which considering the aircombat was just as furious as Finest Hour, made it very difficult to survive an engagement.

It was such a shame, as it could have been just as good as Finest Hour had it not been for this oversight. "

MiGMan thanks Rob "Bomber" Henderson for these recollections.

BattleHawks 1942 Box

Image used with permission of Richard Muth's The SWOTL Web Site.