Birds of Prey (1992) Birds of Prey (1992)
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" The slogan went something like "40 BIRDS - UNLIMITED PREY". This really is another classic.

The game included many aircraft, most never before seen on a sim in the UK. The choice of weapons was stunning too - everything apart from nukes and chemical warheads.

The warzone was fictitious, with the allies ( flying mostly NATO gear ) occupying the main island and a bit of the land to the south, while the enemy ( mostly WARPAC / SOVIET ) held the northern territories plus the land east & west of the island. The basic idea? Wipe out the opposition, simple as that.

The war started straight away, and continued in real time ( you had the ability to skip time - good for long flights ), the 24hour day including spectacular sunrises and sun sets. You had a choice of mission profiles to fly, where you were given a set target(s) to go and destroy along with your wingmen ( sadly you had no choice over what went with you, although they were usually of a type applicable to the task at hand ). "

Advertising Birds of Prey - Map

MiGMan thanks Rob "Bomber" Henderson for these recollections.