Birds of Prey (1992) Birds of Prey (1992)
Exhibit - Birds of Prey


" You had missions such as recce, transport, fighter escort, bombing, interception, and close air support to name but a few. The mission structure was quite unique ( I don't know of any other sims of the time having the same ).

Say you took-off at 06:30 for an intercept, you finish the job and RTB at 07:15.

You can then re-arm and refuel with whatever you want, then go off and kill whatever you want. And you could keep on going too. The flight would always start with you parked inside the main hangar, which you would taxi out from to the main runway ( quite hair raising if the base was under attack ).

After landing, you had to taxi back to the hangar, where you had the option of re-fuelling and arming to continue the fight, or end the mission, which effectively ended the day. You were than allowed to choose a different aircraft and mission type. You were also kept upto date with mission stats, showing kills and losses

This is also the first sim I remember that you could actually go out and bomb civilian installations and cities and not be penalised for it ( carpet bombing in B-52's and "Bears" - many would consider it sick - but it was GOOD!! ). "

Birds of Prey - B-52

Birds of Prey - Bombing run - click for a bigger picture

MiGMan thanks Rob "Bomber" Henderson for these recollections.