Birds of Prey (1992) Birds of Prey (1992)
Exhibit - Birds of Prey


" There were aircraft carriers to fly from aswell as land bases. The allies had the Enterprise and HMS Invincible, the WARPAC had Kiev and Minsk.

The Harrier and Yak38 Forger had thrust vectoring ( which worked ). The SR-71 could hit mach3 at 70,000ft+. The Foxbat could do the same. All the aircraft could be used as a recce platform, which was a nice touch ( how often do you get the chance to fly an RF-4 Phantom?).

You had several aircraft with VG wings, which were manual rather than automatic. Air-air refuelling was a real task ( good thing they included an autopilot, but even this was a complicated task on some aircraft ). You could request a tanker after take-off, which then enabled you to have the option on minimum internal fuel on take-off, but maximum weapons and no external tanks.

The weapons were destructive to any object, no matter what the device or target. I have witnessed a Forger get hit AFTER launching from a carrier by a Mk83 slick released by a B-1B Lancer.

The cockpit was a standard one for every aircraft in the game, but the flight characteristics of each aircraft were totally different. You could fly with the cockpit in view, or you could have a HUD view. "

Birds of Prey - Harrier

Birds of Prey - Map

Birds of Prey - Bombing run - click for a bigger picture

MiGMan thanks Rob "Bomber" Henderson for these recollections.