Birds of Prey (1992) Birds of Prey (1992)
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Jeep Tossing

Alex Pavloff remembers:

"As with everytime Birds Of Prey is mentioned I must not talk about my invention of "jeep tossing" One could take a C-130 on cargo drops, and while one was supposed fly straight and level below 5000 feet to drop cargo on targets, it was much more fun to open up the C-130, start the release at 5000 feet a good ways from the drop point, and immediately pull up.

The jeep would come rocketing out the front? of the C-130, accelerate PAST the aircraft, and eventually come to ground.

The fun thing was, since one was told after the mission how far the jeep was from the drop zone, one could have jeep tossing contests.
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" Fighter Pilot Extraodinaire.

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