Birds of Prey (1992) Birds of Prey (1992)
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Aerial refuelling

Tom Long remembers:

" I personally found the program detailed for it's time, especially the detailed HUD (Heads Up Display) information. I also found it hard to fly well, especially during landings, but I was also trying to fly by mouse and keyboard.

One very neat feature was the ability to rendezvous with a tanker and take on fuel. You would have to call for the tanker (with a \ ) then allow it time to take-off, climb to altitude, and get on-station. This required planning and fuel management. Once the tanker was on-station, the program would automatically refuel your aircraft after you got within a certain distance (based on your skill level). You also had to meet close to tanker flight conditions, i.e. above 5000 feet altitude, within 250 feet of tanker altitude, within 25 degrees of tanker heading, and within 50 m/s (meters/second) of tanker velocity.

All of that was not so easy."

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