Close Combat 2 - A Bridge too far

Close Combat 2 - A Bridge too Far

Here are some action highlights:

You're creeping thorugh the town, all's quiet and suddenly a squad of German soldiers breaks cover and sprints across the road into another house. Blink and you miss it!
It's moments like this that make the Close Combat series very special... the enemy isn't just bent on your destruction... he's going about it using sneaky tactics.

Crossing a bridge under cover of smoke

I was pleased with myself on crossing this bridge... no, really I was!

Under a heavy smoke cover laid down by 2 of my mortar teams I sent the troops charging across... only to be cut down by a machine gunner who was hiding w a a y across a ploughed field. It wasn't fair at all!


Just hide a flamethrower troop in the diary and whoosh! ... a German tank goes up in flames.

Well almost up in flames anyway.

It survived the attack and retaliated with devastating results.