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The campaign of Check Six consists of 21 missions.

In the beginning the player has only 2000 credits, onl enough to buy the A-4 Skyhawk or F-5E. By the middle of a campaign, the A-4 is still enough to win. After mission 13 you need supersonic aircraft. The player has to fight against various enemy aircraft including flying battle ships, UFOs and a satellite.

Check Six has no training missions. It has a campaign that consists of 21 missions. In the missions, the cockpit screen and the tactical map screen are instantly selectable. The time is accelerated in the tactical map. When bogies are contacted or the target is approached the tactical map is automatically switched to the cockpit.

From Satoshi "Bin" Hiranuma's Check Six site and used with permission.

Check six - mission 1

Mission 1

Tactical Map

Tactical Map

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