Comanche 3

Comanche 3

Mission Debriefing

From the manual (read me):

" pg. 65

At the conclusion of each mission (successful or not) you receive a debriefing which rates your mission performance. The Debriefing totals the number of mission targets you've destroyed, the number of opportunity targets you've destroyed, even the number of friendly targets you may have hit by mistake (fratricide). It also displays the length of time it took you to fly the mission and gives you a mission score point total.

After you have finished reading the debriefing, you may:
  1. press the 1 Key to re-play the mission from the beginning
  2. press the 2 Key to exit the mission and return to your Duty Roster
  3. press the 3 Key to view the recorded Mission Playback. (If you select this option, you have an opportunity to jump back into the mission at any time.

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