Combat Air Patrol 2 (2016). Combat Air Patrol 2 (2016).
Combat Air Patrol 2

Publisher's description

From the publisher (May 2016):

  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Accurate and fully functioning model of a AV8B II Harrier Jump jet
  • Detailed 3D cockpit with selectable articulated controls
  • Training modes - Flying and deploying weapon system
  • Civilian traffic transit shipping lanes, enter and leave ports
  • 3D environmental audio
  • Fully dynamic open ended campaign
  • Control your fleet and air assets, plan your mission waypoints and target ingress/egress together with your fleet formation, route and speed
  • Intelligent AI that will prove a worthy adversary for all levels
  • Over 250,000 sq km of geographically accurate terrain of the Straitz of Hormuz
  • Training missions set around Hawaiian islands
  • Geographically accurate environmental lighting based on longitude, latitude, date and time
  • Accurate star map
  • Single player game at Early Access launch with multiplayer following soon after
  • Fleet vs Fleet: play co-op against an AI fleet or against other players
  • Campaign co-op mode: take part in other players campaign missions or ask for help

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