Combat Air Patrol 2 (2016). Combat Air Patrol 2 (2016).
Combat Air Patrol 2

Video 010

" In most missions the LHD is static.

To make it move I planned a route for it in the campaign.

edit: You can plan a route for LHD in training flights also.

Of course I had to dump my bombs before the vertical landing so I choose the oil tanker as my practice target. And as you can see you can slave your targeting pod to selected radar target.

The landing wasn't perfect, but much better than the last one.

Big thanks for implementing the digital nozzle control option Ed!

One issue that I have is that the throttle has only 50% range - it works from 25%-75% of my actual throttle movement, which makes it less precise and adds huge dead zones at the edges of its movement envelope, which makes landings bit harder.

I'm sure it will be fixed in near future."

Damsonn, June 2016

Video by Damsonn