Combat Air Patrol 2 (2016). Combat Air Patrol 2 (2016).
Combat Air Patrol 2

Video 020: A/A Refueling Tests Part 1

" Another update came out in the beta branch, should be available soon for anyone who didn't opted for beta releases.

What's new? A/A refuelling (KC767 tanker model included), new LHD model along with the usual bug smashing.

In this video I test the new feature which I was very excited about.

As expected there are few bugs present. Most prominent when you don't use vertical sync and have pretty fast PC, you will notice strange oscillations of the drogue. You can fix that by enabling Vsync in graphics options. It seems that drogue physics are tied to FPS. "

Damsonn, Nov 2, 2016

Video by Damsonn