Combat Air Patrol 2 (2016). Combat Air Patrol 2 (2016).
Combat Air Patrol 2

Video: Quick Dogfight Mission

" Showcasing some action from recently released Early Access title by Sim155 - Combat Air Patrol 2.

It's a quick dogfight mission in which you engage 4 MIG-21 above your Task Force.

I'm liking it so far. Sorry for rough landing - I'm still getting used to workaround for nozzle control - had to map my throttle axis for nozzle angle and two buttons to inrease/decrease throttle since you can't map digital controls for controling the nozzle angle (at least for now, shoud be added in coming patch) and I have only one slider on my joystick available. Of course the landing difficulty is set to most realistic setting.. "

Damsonn, Jun 7, 2016

Video by Damsonn