The outcome of the war could vary.

Most times we would end up with the liberation of Kuwait and a cease-fire. We did have a couple of campaigns where the Iraqis took the initiative and actually took the invasion into Saudia Arabia - for that we ended up flying more than one mission per day every day with lots of close air support.

The last campaign we ever flew on "CAP" actually took a new turn and allowed us to take the war into Iraq with the intention of eliminating Mr.Hussien. We took control of a good 50% of the Iraqi mainland, but old Saddam escaped to Syria in the midst of a well executed decoy tactic performed by several transports each one heavily escorted - by the time we figured where he was, there were too few missiles to go around and not enough fuel to catch up for a bit of 20mm action.


" Close air support missions were tough and you had to be really careful not to end up with a friendly fire incident - always a possibility as the ground forces were always on the move.

The missions were done in real time, so if you took off late afternoon ( about 15:00hrs and you stayed up for a couple of hours, it would get dark). There was no Night Vision in either aircraft and night missions were a real challenge and really dark - plus don't forget the carrier landing ... " -

Winding up the action

MiGMan thanks Rob "Bomber" Henderson for these recollections.

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