• Uniquely designed DC-3 with highly accurate flight dynamics, all round parts, realistic metallic liveries and DC-3 configured landing lights.
  • 9 DC-3 aircraft from around the world. Plus there is even a special C-47 Ski variant with unique ski sounds.
  • 4 very special cockpit panels with 40 functional gauges including a working Cowling Flap. And a photorealistic 'Auto Pilot Cockpit' panel
  • 16-bit stereo REAL DC-3 sounds - both inside and out.
  • 10 special DC-3 adventures, complete with flight plans. Plus DC-3 situations and FS98 video.
  • Detailed DC-3 Flight Manual. The CD-ROM even includes archive material of video, photographs, stories and Windows 95 Wallpaper and sound files.
  • Designed and compiled by Trevor Morson, ex Compuserve Flight Simulation Sysop and now a leading Flight Simulation column writer and Flight Simulation Forum host