The Dam Busters - Fly the famous missions in Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 and fly the aircraft in Microsoft Flight Sim 2000 and 2002.
Title - The Dam Busters

The bottom line...

Dam Busters opens the bomb bay door to a new experience in Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2- that of the bomber pilot.

You need a different mindset than when flying the fighters - accurate station keeping is everything on the final bomb run. Even getting the beasts into the air is a challenge!

The aircraft handling and sounds combine to create an immersive experience just flying circuits. With a decent stereo (computer) sound system the engine starts are are real treat. In the air you really have to work the plane to get all your ducks in a row and that's a satisfying experience in itself.

So, not one for hotshot fighter jock chappies - but one for a more deliberate, thoughtful style of flying. As the sergeant major says.... S T E A D YYYYYYYYYYYY.....

Avro Lancaster B.1
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CIrcuit in the Lancaster

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